There are many different roofing companies everywhere you go. While we urge you to take a deep dive into the reputation of any roofer you consider, we also recommend keeping it local. When searching, always check online reviews, references, certifications, and their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Hiring a local roofer is the way to go for a number of reasons. While it’s true you can find plenty of roofers who are experienced and reputable from out of town (or out of state), when it comes down to choosing between a roofer who’s local and a roofer who isn’t, always choose the local roofer. The following are a few reasons why you should use a local roofer:

  • Roofing codes will vary from town to town. Your local roofer is going to know all your local building codes, which means that they know how to do things the right and legal way.
  • You won’t have a difficult time tracking down a local roofer should a conflict arise (such as if they don’t finish the work they were supposed to do or did a very poor job). An out of town roofer can suddenly flee town and you will spend a lot of time and money trying to track them down.
  • Local roofers will have an easier time getting permits approved and know exactly the processes to quickly and efficiently submit them.
  • You’ll be supporting your local economy, which is always a plus! Keep it in Jacksonville, #shoplocal when you support a local business you are helping your hometown’s economy.

Straight to the point, local roofers are better suited to the job because they have a better understanding of the local climate as well as local building codes, both of which play a part in ensuring your roof is legally built and it is built to last. Working with an out of town roofer increases the risk of you losing money on a shoddy job or having an unfinished job. A job completed without an approved permit could also happen. When looking for a roofing company to repair, replace, or install a roof on your residential or commercial building in Jacksonville, FL, choose a roofer who is local.